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🕐 2021-09-15
Moved to a new server. Let me know if you see any issues pop up. Thanks
🕐 2021-09-03
Just simplified adding custom lens to your uploads. Now when you upload photos, you have the option of adding a lens from your personal lens list at the time of upload instead of editing each photo afterwards. Don't select a lens if you just want to
🕐 2021-09-02
Classifieds are up! Just finished writing the code for placing ads. If you have something to sell have a look here and start posting. For the time being, it is a free services so take advantage.
🕐 2021-07-16
Yae! Registration is currently open to the public! This means you can join this awesome site without an invitation!
🕐 2021-07-09
Cool new feature. To change the home page layout between gallery and portal mode, just click on the icon at the top of the page that looks like this

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🕐 10-17-21 6:54 AMwalter2 posted Click to view details
An American Icon! '68 Ford Mustang
Photo by: walter2
Indeed a classic American ICON - this vehicle!! Thanks for the kind comment, Terence! :o)
🕐 10-15-21 9:53 AMnikonimages posted Click to view details
Photo 102831
Photo by: vicencio1153
Wow. Great capture!
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🕐 10-9-21 4:51 AMmicpic069 posted Click to view details
Photo 32883
Photo by: yuriylux
A wonderfully effective composition flowing from the Y shaped trunk on the left ,to the softly high lit cluster of blossom, beautifully enhanced by the dark mid toned sky with it's muted accents of magenta tinged greys, blues, turquoise and greens, all masterfully orchestrated by you via the selective focus of the 200mm lens 1
BRAVO !...Yuri.
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🕐 09-16-21 11:50 AMvicencio1153 posted Click to view details
Photo 101507
Photo by: vicencio1153
It is in the Cagsawa ruins, Mayon Volcano, Albay Province, Philippines.
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🕐 09-13-21 2:40 PMwalter2 posted Click to view details
Vroooooom ...! :o)
Photo by: walter2
Thank's for the "Thumb Up" - Terence Weaver!!