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🕐 2022-01-08
Just posted.
Which flash for D90 DSLR
🕐 2021-09-15
Moved to a new server. Let me know if you see any issues pop up. Thanks
🕐 2021-09-03
Just simplified adding custom lens to your uploads. Now when you upload photos, you have the option of adding a lens from your personal lens list at the time of upload instead of editing each photo afterwards. Don't select a lens if you just want to
🕐 2021-09-02
Classifieds are up! Just finished writing the code for placing ads. If you have something to sell have a look here and start posting. For the time being, it is a free services so take advantage.
🕐 2021-07-16
Yae! Registration is currently open to the public! This means you can join this awesome site without an invitation!

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🕐 06-24-22 1:53 PMphotosphere42 posted Click to view details
Photo 102470
Photo by: chuckn
🕐 06-24-22 1:50 PMphotosphere42 posted Click to view details
Photo 102507
Photo by: privolino
Very nice!
🕐 06-9-22 10:19 AMwalter2 posted Click to view details
Photo 102975
Photo by: yuriylux
A beautiful and quiet scene, a very good wide angle view, with the two fishermen well placed in the image area. Good contrast and colors.
I hope that you and your family are well!!!
Greetings from Norway!
🕐 06-6-22 11:12 PMnikonimages posted Click to view details
Photo: 102972
Photo by: rbfresno
wow. this looks intimidating.
🕐 05-15-22 6:47 AMphotosphere42 posted Click to view details
First beer in the Spring-Sun!
Photo by: walter2
Nice image Walter!